Mintos After 12 Months

It’s been 12 months now for me since I started investing on Mintos. During that time I enjoyed great returns, but also observerd several difficulties that led to adjustments of my investment strategy.

Portfolio Snapshot

The below is snapshot of my Mintos portfolio as of 10/1/2019:

Mintos Portfolio Snapshot

Not much to see here except of the total balance and net annual return of 12.31%. I am quite happy with this return – altough my calculations are slightly different, getting over 12% on something that I still consider relatively lower risk is in my opinion great.

Portfolio Performance

Month-by-month portfolio performance gives you a great insight into what all happened financially throughout the year. Here is the table – I have comments below, but you can try to see yourself.

Mintos portfolio performance
  1. Un-invested funds – in August my ratio of average invested balance to average daily balance dropped to 93.2%. This is for me really bad, as having almost 7% of funds un-invested lowers the total return of my portfolio. This happened because of significant changes of what loans are offered. Especially short-term loans interest rates dropped by a lot. As a result my auto invest strategy was not picking up any new loans what I realized only after
  2. Bonus I am not getting much from bonuses. I am not active in investing into individual campaigns and I am not successfull in getting much affiliate bonus either. I guess this blog is not as usefull as I wanted it to be.
  3. Withdrawals – I took some money out of Mintos to invest in different assets (bought some bitcoins). This has nothing to do with my faith in Mintos business model, which is strong.
  4. Implied IR – My implied IR calculates what is the assumed return on invested amount should the perfomance stay as is and all funds are re-invested. This is obviously an approximation, however I am running constantly above 13% over last couple months. This is actually higher than the returns I target for my stock portfolio (12.5%). Volatility of Mintos investments (on both sides) is obviously much lower, making it even more interesting for me.

Adjustments to Auto Invest Strategies

I did several adjustments to my auto invest strategies over the year. Going from complex setup to no auto invest at all, to two strategies, to 5 strategies. My current setup is (sorted by priority):

  • Any BBG EUR loan with 13%+ from at least B- LO
  • Any BBG EUR short-term loan with 12%+ from at least C LO
  • Any BBG EUR short-term loan with 11%+ with duration of 1 month from at least C LO
  • Any BBG EUR short-term loan with 11%+ from at least C LO
  • Any BBG EUR short-term loan with 10%+ from at least C LO

I wrote about the strategy with 1 month loans before. These just tend to have higher average real return when compared to generic pool of short-term loans.

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