My Mintos Portfolio Performance

Below are all the important statistics for my personal portfolio performance on Mintos. Note that I am investing only in EUR loans with buyback guarantee. I started investing on Mintos in October 2018 and quickly began to create my own statistics that I think are more important than numbers produced by Mintos. If the statistics below are not enough for you, you can either ask me to add it or analyze all my data yourself.

Current Investments

My current portfolio structure on Mintos:

Investments by Loan Originator.

Investments in EUR by Loan originator.

Performance Over Last 7 Months

mintos portfolio Performance over last 7 months
Mintos portfolio performance over last 7 months

Data Sets

Are you still concerned about putting you money on Mintos or you want to tweak your strategy? I am providing all the data from my personal portfolio right here! This includes current investments as well as finished investments. Moreover, for finished investments I added additional aggregated attributes for transactions. You can see yourself what the IRR of investment is for each and every loan. As a bonus, each row is enriched with rating provided by Mintos as well!

Do you need more data? Let me know at

Current loans

You can download file current_analytical.csv and see all details on my current portfolio on Mintos. Compared to the data you can get from Mintos on current loans, this is extended with Mintos rating.

Finished loans

You can download file finished_analytical.csv and create your own statistics from all investments that I invested in and are finished. Compared to the data you can download from Mintos, this is enhanced with several attributes:

  • days invested – duration of the investment (finished date – investment date)
  • days real duration – real duration of the loan (finished date – issue date)
  • days at investment – number of days the loan was opened for at the date of investment
  • original term – original term in days; note that compared to Mintos data, this is in days and shows correct data for short term loans
  • inv XIRR – internal rate of return of the investment, calculated from the cash flow on the investment
  • score – Score of the lender, based on the data provided by exploreP2P site
  • mintos rating – rating of the lender as provided by Mintos

The file is updated pretty much daily and currently has more than 4,400 records.

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