Mintos Promotion – 1% Bonus

Mintos - promotion. Get additional 1% when you register through this site:

This Mintos promotion is offering additional bonus if you registre through this site. Follow this link to get up to additional 1% revenue on your investment.

As long as you are already decided to join Mintos there is no reason why you shouldn’t use this additional interest.

As an example, if you invest 4,000, you will get each month additional 30 EUR for three months. This is 90 EUR in total! This is in addition to the interest you will get from your investments in loan. Mintos has more than 100,000 investors already from all around the world, don’t miss the promotion opportunity.

Are you new to peer to peer (P2P) investments? Learn what are the 7 reasons why to invest on Mintos.

There is no catch here, Mintos is trying to increase number of investors with this promotion and you should definitely go for it!

About Mintos

Mintos provides retail investors with an easy and transparent way to invest in loans. Several tens of alternative lending companies around the world offer investment through Mintos. Since launching in 2015, Mintos has exponential growth and has become the world’s largest marketplace of its kind.

At the beginning of 2019, there are more than 200,000 loans available for investment on primary market. Additional 200,000 is available on secondary market. You can invest in EUR and several other currencies. Finally, Mintos does not charge any fees whatsoever to investors!