What Loan Originators are Providing EUR Loans on Mintos

Can you list what companies, that offer investments in EUR loans are actually providing loans in EUR? For me as an investor it is important to understand what loan originators are expected to FX risks, which is even more significant for countries like Russia where RUB had really wide swings in last few years.

Currently, such loan originators Mintos are:

  • AgroCredit
  • BB Finance Group
  • Bino
  • Capitalia (in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia)
  • Creamfinance (in Latvia)
  • CreditStar (in Estonia, Finland and Spain)
  • Debifo
  • Dindin
  • Dineo
  • EBV Finance
  • EuroOne
  • Fireof
  • Hipocredit
  • ID Finance (in Spain)
  • Mogo (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia)
  • Mozipo Group (in Lithuania)
  • Placet Group
  • Vizia

Very likely, you should use additional caution when investing in companies that do offer investments in EUR but provide loans to borrowers in other currencies.

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