My First Million on Mintos – Portfolio Performance

Few days ago I reached two interesting milestones. In less than 11 months on Mintos I invested over 1 million EUR. How is that even possible? Also, my total revenue from Mintos is reached over 10k EUR.

Effects of Investment Strategy

Almost from the beginning, my strategy is to invest in short-term loans. There are more reasons to this – higher interest rates, shorter exposure are the main ones. One of the effects is that my loans expire in approximately in one month either through buyback or by repayment. This means that I always have to find new opportunities for free funds.

Over almost 11 months amount I invest on primary market went from 50k EUR per month to 130k per month as I continued to add funds:

Total Revenue in 11 Months

At the beginning of August I reached over 10k EUR in total revenues (now at 11.1k EUR). My revenue consists mainly of interest and small bonus amount. This is on par with what I expected – my return will be approximately 12% annually.

As always, you can find more insightful statistics here:

Even 11 months after I started with Mintos I am still one happy user. I so much hope that this platform will stay for years to come.

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