Mintos after 8 months

Another month is gone so it is time to review the performance of my Mintos portfolio. As you likely know already, I have my own statistics that I keep updating daily.

I May 2019, 8 months after I started with Mintos:

  • Funds added to Mintos: 0 EUR
  • End of month balance: €132,714.00
  • Interest earned: €1,322.00
  • Implied Interest Rate: 12.63%

Implied interest rate is a new metric (I hope you noticed when I discussed ADI/ADB% last month). This interest rate metric is simply:

  • (1 + Earned Interest / EOM Balance)^12 -1

It will tell you what interest you will get over period of one year if you keep re-investing all the earned interest.

I also did some aggressive changes to my auto-invest strategies. I started by deleting all of them. I know, but I said aggressive. Then I added only one strategy:

  • short-term loans
  • from 1 month to 1 month
  • 14.0%+
  • buyback guarantuee: yes
  • only current
  • diversification: yes
  • min amount: 10 EUR
  • max amount: 10 EUR
  • excluded lenders: Dinero

With recent increase in interest rates on Mintos, there is abundance of loans with 14%+ loans. In my statistics, you can see that short short-term loans (like 7 days, 14 days) actually tend to perform much worst due to different buyback strategies. Excluding Dinero is just necessary as this lender is continuously significantly under-performing stated interest rate.

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