Last week on Mintos – my porftolio results

Last week is the first full week when I switched my strategy and invest only 10 EUR in every loan. You can read more in this article. While during the same week 649 investments finished, I opened 1,514 new ones. I am quite happy with my portfolio so far!

Performance over last 7 days

Portfolio performance over last 7 days.
Portfolio performance over last 7 days

You can see that my average interest rate on new investments was 13.1%. IRR on finished investments in my portfolio (wXIRR) was 12.1%. There was a significant drop in IR for new investments as both Varks and DoZarplati dropped the interest rate from 14% and 12.5% respectively. I will need to look into the availability of high-interest short-term loans as having 12% only does not seem justifiable given there are lower risk lenders that will offer stable 11% stream of income.

So far, I am also quite happy about the difference between stated IR and the IRR archieved. As you can see, currently I am +55 bps. The weighted interest rate on finished loans was 11.6%, while the investment yielded 12.1%.

You can always see more detailed statistics on my website.

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