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DoZarplati is loan originator available on Mintos. DoZarplati offers mostly short-term loans with interest rates above 12% for investments with buyback guarantee in EUR. In this article you can read translated FAQ of this lender. This will help you better understand whether DoZarplati seems like good lender or not. You can compare it with what Varks has in the FAQ.

DoZarplati – Logo

DoZarplati has been successfully operating in the loan market since 2011. Its offices are located in 15 cities of Russia. The company is listed in the State Register of Microfinance Organizations of the Central Bank. This means that we are controlled by the Central Bank. We work within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation, we issue loans for any goals of clients. In addition, the company is included in the SRO MiR.

Our goal is to change the microloan segment, making it understandable and convenient for customers. In addition to issuing funds, we also increase the financial literacy of borrowers.

What we offer

We issue loans for any customer needs. In the event that you take a loan for the first time, you can get the amount from 100 to 10 000 rubles. The period of use of funds – from 7 to 20 days. For the same period, when re-applying, it is possible to take a loan in the amount of 100 to 30 000 rubles.

We provide amounts from 30 000 to 100 000 rubles from 61 to 180 days. If you need more, we can offer 100 000 to 1 000 000 rubles or a period of 61 to 730 days on the security of vehicles. We determine the size of the loan and the term of use at the time of the client’s request for funds, and consider individual offers and payment terms.

Why choose us

  • Individual approach to each client
  • IFC activities are regulated by law and controlled by the Central Bank of Russia
  • We offer loans on favorable terms
  • The probability of approval of the application – 100%
  • To get a loan you need only a passport.
  • Instant receipt of funds
  • Loan repayment without commissions, around the clock
  • Opportunity to prolong the loan
  • There is a hotline for customers

Requirements for the borrower

In order to get a loan, you must:

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation
  • Permanent registration at the place of residence in Russia
  • Clients can be people over 18 years old.
  • What documents are needed to get a loan
  • For registration of the loan requires a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

How to get a loan

There are two ways to receive funds: in cash or to a bank card.

Fill out an application at the company’s office : enter your personal data, the amount and term of the loan. Choose how to receive funds: in cash in one of the offices or on the card . Interest will begin to be accrued only after you have taken the money.

If you would like to get your funds to a bank card:

  • Log in to your account
  • Choose loan amount and term
  • Within 5 minutes you will receive a response to the application.
  • Enter card details
  • Sign the contract using an SMS code that will be sent to you automatically.
  • What is the loan size and repayment period

In the event that you take a loan for the first time, you can get the amount from 100 to 10 000 rubles. The period of use of funds – from 7 to 20 days. For the same period, when re-applying to the IFC, it is possible to take a loan in the amount of 100 to 30 000 rubles.

Can I get a loan for friends or relatives?

We accept applications for a loan are directly from customers. All data that you leave on the site is checked by our security system.

How quickly will my application be considered?

Usually we make the decision within 5 minutes after submitting the application. We process applications from 6 to 22.00. Applications for loyal customers – around the clock.

Do I have to provide the loan purpose?

You have the right to use the funds for any consumer purposes.

How do I know if my application is approved or not?

In the personal account on the website; the application processing takes no more than 7 minutes. Do not leave the personal account , and you will see the status of the application. Also, SMS will be sent to your specified number with information about the approval of the loan. An email will be sent to your email address with information about the approval of the loan.

Terms of use of funds

Remember that the loan must be returned on time. In case of its delay, your credit rating decreases. Of course, it is possible to extend the term of use of the loan. Choose the prolongation service.

Interest and penalty

In case when you miss the due date, you will be charged interest at a rate of 20% pa and interest for using the loan. But the total amount of debt will not exceed the interest of three times the loan.

Unlike other IFCs, we assess late interest only from the 15th day of delay for the entire period of the debt.

When you pay the debt, do not forget to save the documents on the payments. This is a cash order, if you pay in the office of the company or from partners. Save receipts if you pay through your personal account. Remember that the loan is considered paid at the moment when the funds are received at the cashier or at the account of the IFC.

What is a credit rating

This scale is from 0 to 900 points. It shows your solvency. Your score increases depending on your credit history and your personal data. Every time you need to get a loan, the IFC is asking for credit score at a credit history bureau. With higher score you can get bigger loan and better terms.

Let us consider the rating scale in more detail:

If your rating is less than 300, it is possible that we will decline the loan. You will receive from 300 to 600 points if you have not paid the loan on time or have filled out an application for the first time. It is likely that you will receive a smaller amount than requested. But, if you pay the loan on time, you will increase your credit rating. You can apply for a bigger loan with better terms next time.
In the event that your score is above 600 points, we will issue you a loan for the maximum amount with a repayment period of up to a year. The main thing – to maintain the rating at the same level, paying the loan on time is very important.

Is it possible to get a loan if I am late with other loans?

We use an automated data accounting system. The presence of overdue loans in other credit institutions does not entail an automatic refusal to issue a loan.

How to find an office IFC

DoZarplati works throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. The company’s branches are located in the following cities: St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Ufa, Samara, Tolyatti, Taganrog, Shakhty, Krasnodar, Korenovsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Kurgan and Omsk.

What is the card DoZarplati

The card is issued to reliable borrowers with a high credit rating. Funds come to this card instantly, after approval of the application. Card can pay for purchases, services. You can ithdraw money without commission if the amount exceeds 2 000 rubles.

In order to get the card you will need to contact our office, where you will be given an envelope that you need to open yourself. To activate the card and get a PIN, call the number listed on the card. In case there are problems with the issuance of a card or transfer of funds – call the number: 8 800 333 10 60. If there are other questions about the card, please contact the payment service system that issued the card. This is the ” Golden Crown “.

How to repay a loan?

Online payment without a fee, you can pay by credit card, electronic payment, using a mobile or online bank. Remember that there is a limit on the payment of the loan. So at one time you can make an amount from 100 to 15 000 rubles.

Cash in our office or through partners – daily from 09:00 to 22:00 in any of the branches of the DoZarplati and in the offices of partners. You will be required to provide the contract number and provide a passport.

Automatic payment if a loan was issued to your card. On the day of termination of the contract the required amount will be debited automatically.

Loan extension

Clients are offered this service. You will be required to sign an additional agreement and pay only interest on the current terms of the contract. It is possible to use the service in your personal account or in the office of the company.

Until the end of the year, there is a “Profitable prolongation”. The terms and conditions of the promotion can be found here .

How to use the prolongation?

In the event that you do not have the full amount of the loan by the end of the contract or you need to extend the period of using the funds, we offer you a great service: prolongation . Sign the loan extension agreement and pay interest only on the current terms of the agreement. You can extend the loan an unlimited number of times. You can use the service in your account.

How to repay a loan ahead of time

Client can repay the entire amount of microloans from 1 to 15 days ahead of time. If the loan agreement is designed for 30 days, then on the day of the scheduled payment.
In the event that funds were taken for a period of 2 to 6 months, it is necessary to notify us 30 days before the refund of its intention.

What penalty do you charge in case of late payment?

In case of violation of the due date, we will be charge interest at a rate of 20% p.a. and interest for using the loan. But the total amount of debt will not exceed the interest of three times the loan.

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