7+ Reasons to start Investing on Mintos

There are many reasons why it is currently a good idea to invest on Mintos. If you are currently thinking about investing some money or perhaps moving funds from some other investments, you need to read this article to understand why investing in Mintos might be good for you. P2P investments are very popular in last few years. If you are ready, go and register on Mintos today. You can also read this step-by-step guide on how to start on Mintos.

Mintos - investing p2p platform, logo
Mintos – investing p2p platform, logo

Mintos Platform

This company is on the market for more than four years. By now, the platform is relatively stable, both in terms of functionalities and loan originators. By now, Mintos has proven to be successful in attracting new investors, where as of today there are more than 100,00 people investing in this peer to peer platform.

Great Investing Returns

Why there are risks associated with investing on Mintos (see here on risks, diversification, country risk), the returns you can get are above 10% for EUR investment with buyback guarantee and even more for non-EUR investments or investments without buyback guarantee.

Investing Automation Through Auto Invest

Auto invest is a feature where investments are made automatically based on the rules you create. This is extremely useful if you invest more than few thousands EUR as it helps you to stay fully invested all the time and have good level of diversification at the same time.

Low Correlation to Other Investments

I see Mintos as a great complement to stock market investments. While the return is similar (or slightly lower) on Mintos, you will not see any volatility of your returns, creating steady stream of income.

Investing in EUR

If you are in Europe, there is quite a chance that EUR is your primary currency. In such case, investments on Mintos will eliminate your FX risk when compared to other investments (e.g. US stock market).


Mintos has very responsive support. If you don’t understand why something happened or not, you can always write email or call support. They are even ready to handle communication in multiple languages


If you join Mintos right now, you can get up to 250 EUR based on your average invested amount. Basically money for free Mintos is giving out to scale it’s business. Ready to join? Use this promo link to join Mintos.

You get help here

Do you have any questions on Mintos? You can always ask here or send email to mintos@investp2plending.com. You can also see results for my personal portfolio. This can help you to start your own strategy.

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