DoZarplati – how short-term loan works

DoZarplati is loan originator available on Mintos. DoZarplati offers mostly short-term loans with interest rates above 12% for investments with buyback guarantee in EUR. In this article you can read translated FAQ of this lender. This will help you better understand whether DoZarplati seems like good lender or not. You can compare it with what Varks has in the FAQ.

DoZarplati – Logo
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DoZarplati on Mintos – Overview

DoZarplati (which literally translates as “Until Paycheck”) is a loan originator from Russia. Starting 5/18 on Mintos, DoZarplati issued total of $6.1M EUR in loans, out of which $1.7M EUR in December 2018. Almost all of the issued loans are short-term, but DoZarplati also offers personal loans and business loans. Loans are offered both in EUR and RUB, with EUR loans approximately double the overall size compared to RUB.

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