What Loan Originators are Providing EUR Loans on Mintos

Can you list what companies, that offer investments in EUR loans are actually providing loans in EUR? For me as an investor it is important to understand what loan originators are expected to FX risks, which is even more significant for countries like Russia where RUB had really wide swings in last few years.

Currently, such loan originators Mintos are:

  • AgroCredit
  • BB Finance Group
  • Bino
  • Capitalia (in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia)
  • Creamfinance (in Latvia)
  • CreditStar (in Estonia, Finland and Spain)
  • Debifo
  • Dindin
  • Dineo
  • EBV Finance
  • EuroOne
  • Fireof
  • Hipocredit
  • ID Finance (in Spain)
  • Mogo (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia)
  • Mozipo Group (in Lithuania)
  • Placet Group
  • Vizia

Very likely, you should use additional caution when investing in companies that do offer investments in EUR but provide loans to borrowers in other currencies.

Last week on Mintos – my porftolio results

Last week is the first full week when I switched my strategy and invest only 10 EUR in every loan. You can read more in this article. While during the same week 649 investments finished, I opened 1,514 new ones. I am quite happy with my portfolio so far!

Performance over last 7 days

Portfolio performance over last 7 days.
Portfolio performance over last 7 days

You can see that my average interest rate on new investments was 13.1%. IRR on finished investments in my portfolio (wXIRR) was 12.1%. There was a significant drop in IR for new investments as both Varks and DoZarplati dropped the interest rate from 14% and 12.5% respectively. I will need to look into the availability of high-interest short-term loans as having 12% only does not seem justifiable given there are lower risk lenders that will offer stable 11% stream of income.

So far, I am also quite happy about the difference between stated IR and the IRR archieved. As you can see, currently I am +55 bps. The weighted interest rate on finished loans was 11.6%, while the investment yielded 12.1%.

You can always see more detailed statistics on my website.

Ready to invest on Mintos? You can get ~12.0% on EUR loans with buyback guarantee and even more when you invest in other currencies or loans without buyback. Now, you can additional 1% on you investment when you use this promo link.

DoZarplati – how short-term loan works

DoZarplati is loan originator available on Mintos. DoZarplati offers mostly short-term loans with interest rates above 12% for investments with buyback guarantee in EUR. In this article you can read translated FAQ of this lender. This will help you better understand whether DoZarplati seems like good lender or not. You can compare it with what Varks has in the FAQ.

DoZarplati – Logo
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Varks – how short term loan works?

When you invest on Mintos, you can either trust that Mintos does not provide loans from companies that are incompetent, insolvent, or outright illegal, or you can do some of the research yourself. With some of the companies it is difficult as you might not understand the language the loan originator is using. In this article you can read translated FAQ of Varks. It is interesting reading as it help you understand a lot how short-term loans providers operate in general. Varks is lender on Armenia and offers quite high rates on EUR loans, up to 14%.

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7+ Reasons to start Investing on Mintos

There are many reasons why it is currently a good idea to invest on Mintos. If you are currently thinking about investing some money or perhaps moving funds from some other investments, you need to read this article to understand why investing in Mintos might be good for you. P2P investments are very popular in last few years. If you are ready, go and register on Mintos today. You can also read this step-by-step guide on how to start on Mintos.

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Risk vs Return on Investment on Mintos

When you are trying to optimize your portfolio, there are three basic components: time, risk, and return on investment. In this regard, investing on P2P platform is no different in comparison to stock market. You can apply really simple logic when you allocate your investments on Mintos (but do not forget diversification rules discussed in previous article). In this article I will show my up-to-date results and discuss if there are opportunities for improvement.

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